About Us

United Pet Group (UPG) is a leading global marketer and manufacturerof pet supplies with established brand names. UPG’s primary focus is on PASSIONATE PET OWNERS who…seek the best for their pets…are loyal to brands that deliver value-added solutions for their pets…and are high volume consumers of pet supplies. Our success is based upon building world-class branded products that we can market and sell with our RETAIL PARTNERS.


UPG has continually and consistently grown its business over the past five (5) years to $534MM. UPG has leading brands (#1 or #2) within multiple segments within the Aquatics and Companion Pet markets. The pet products market opportunity is LARGE … $60 billion FY05…and growing 5-6% annually.


UPG is well positioned for continued success. The company has:


  • a strong market position with a diversified product offering
  • strong and established customer relationships
  • experienced management teams
  • continued growth and margin improvement opportunities
  • solid historical financial performance with good internal growth
  • a global pet organization well positioned for bolt-on acquisitions


Key assets of UPG provide a strong basis for its success and for independent businesses to join the UPG family of brands and businesses. With the ever-changing dynamics of the pet supplies market, increasing retailer consolidation, limited financial resources, and other business challenges, independent pet supplies businesses often face many hurdles that UPG can help overcome. UPG brings multiple assets to the table:


  • History

    UPG is focused on growing and acquiring pet supplies businesses …that leverage the assets of UPG…can provide sales and profit growth…fit the profile f...

  • Technology and Innovation

    UPG is committed to developing technologies and innovative solutions…for pet owners and their pets. Pet owners cont...